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which wood should you buy?

Depending on what and where you're burning, make sure you have the correct fuel for the job.

Great for: Home Fires, BBQ's

Ash is known for its great burning properties! Our kiln dried ash is an excellent, long lasting firewood which gives off a brilliant heat. Enjoy a slow, steady flame and invest in our kiln dried ash logs.

Great for: Hearths

Birch is our best-selling wood product, providing excellent heat and a bright flame within a short space of time after lighting. For best results, we recommend burning a mix of ash and birch for the perfect mix of sustainable heat.

Great for: Long, steady fires

Hornbeam offers a rounded, pleasant burning experience. You can expect a long burn duration, a high heat and a nice flame. If you are a lover of our kiln dried ash firewood, we're confident that you will love the hornbeam also. It is as easy to use as the ash firewood, but burns slower and gives a higher heat.

Welcome to Cedarwood Fuels!

Cedarwood Fuels is a high-quality firewood supplier based in Northern Ireland, founded in 2013 by Jason Timpany. The company specializes in kiln-dried firewood with an extremely low moisture content, which guarantees a long-lasting heat and non-smoky flame.

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